The Kirby Theater

North Carolina / Oct. 26, 2012 / by Amy Rose
The Kirby Theater

I'd first like to apologize for the serious delay in the posting of this story. The folks at the Kirby Theater were very generous with their time, and were the first people to find us from just driving around on the street! Please enjoy their awesome work and beautiful theater.

We have the great fortune of sharing the stories of inspiring people in the communities we visit. Due to planning necessary to shoot a story, breezing into town and running into a story isn't usually a possibility. In our first month on the road we were in the small town of Roxboro, VA and had our first encounter with a story that deserved to be covered that we weren't able to share, The Kirby Theater.

If you have ever found yourself in Roxboro, NC you will probably recognize the iconic front of the Kirby Theatere. During our drive through town for an earlier story it was the first thing we noticed. 

Erin Ganey saw Stanley driving through downtown while she was at work, she tweeted and emailed us about the great strides The Kirby Theater has made in helping revive life and art in downtown Roxboro. We fortunately had the time to stop in for a tour of this beautiful theater that does double time as a part of the community college.

The Kirby Theater was originally the center for theater in town and the surrounding area bringing together people from the small town surrounding Roxboro together to celebrate the arts. Today people from all over the state walk through the historic doors of the Kirby Theater bringing new life to North Main Street. 

Piedmont Community College is the main source of higher education for many that grow up in and around Roxboro, it has a wider variety of programs including those in the arts. As the Kirby Theater searched for its modern purpose, Ganey realized that partnering with the school brought new life and talent to both the theater and the downtown. Bringing young people back into the city, creating art in and for the city, being taught by people who were passionate about the arts in Roxboro.

The partnership between the Piedmont and the theater has reinvigorated the community and provided an inspiring and creative venue for burgeoning artists in Roxboro, North Carolina.

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