The Joy of Stories

California / June 4, 2012 / by Amy
The Joy of Stories

I often become a little dispirited when I’m working. We’ve been on the road for almost six months now, and while everything is continuing to grow, I always feel a deep sense of frustration when we’re not getting the viewer numbers I feel we should be getting. Of course, I feel we should be getting millions of viewers but maybe I'm the one who's not being realistic...

The most important thing about our project is to get as many people as we can to see the amazing things people are doing, in the attempt to spread the optimism and energy they put into their daily lives. 

Even on the most dispirited day, though, I am often totally re-energized after filming a story. It reminds me of why we’re doing what we’re doing, of the fact that we should be working even harder to get these people recognized and of how much I want to make a difference in my life. 

This past week was one of both extreme frustration at how our fundraising and outreach is going and of utter joy when we filmed a very touching story. 

On friday, we filmed Face In The Mirror. It’s an organization that goes to cancer patients in hospital and gives them in-room spa treatments like foot and hand massages and facials, as well as giving them a makeover. 

As I’m sure you’ll see in our piece, it’s an extremely touching story. The organization is run by a woman called Barbara who has the most energy and passion of almost any body I’ve ever met. Her optimism and determination to make her now 5-year-old organization thrive was boundless and made me extremely jealous of her great nature. 

Seeing the work they do for patients - men and women - of all ages really brought a tear to my eyes. Meeting one of the FIM volunteers, Carina, was wonderful. She was so kind-hearted and energetic, I just felt like we should spend all day with her. The interview with Barbara was very moving and made me even more determined to make our project a success. 

Last week was also amazing for another reason, but I'll leave that until my next blog post. In fact, if you read Gelb's post on Sunday, you'll already know about it...