The Grilled Cheese Grill

Washington / Aug. 3, 2012 / by Steven
The Grilled Cheese Grill

Portland, OR

One food that may always be a nostalgic favorite of many is the grilled cheese sandwich. There is something about having the perfect grilled cheese that can make any day amazing. Personally I am a huge fan of grilled cheese and The Grilled Cheese Grill is taking my love of the grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level.

The Grilled Cheese Grill has two locations in the Portland area and the great thing about the Grill is you can eat inside a bus! Having spent over half a year living in a bus myself, it is always fun to see how other people are taking school buses and turning them into something great!


The menu is absolutely amazing. You can choose from the traditional grilled cheese sandwich with soup or you can adventure out and try the The Cheesus, the Baby Cheesus, and other fun spinoffs of the original. I ordered the Baby Cheesus, a grilled cheese sandwich that has a burger and toppings on the inside. It’s older sibling, the Cheesus, is a double decker burger that uses a full grilled cheese sandwich for both the top and bottom bun! This is one place where you can be a kid everyday.

cheese sandwich

The Grilled Cheese Grill definitely is a simple idea taken to the next level and they definitely love what they are doing. The people that run this grill were having so much fun and the grill also uses biodegradable utensils, paper linings, and soup bowls to help lower their footprint. 

If you love a good grilled cheese as much as me this a place you will more than enjoy!