The Final Fortnight!

Connecticut / Dec. 2, 2012 / by Gelb
The Final Fortnight!

We're entering our final two weeks on Bus 52! After a week off for Thanksgiving, we are ready to finish strong and are getting closer and closer to our 100 story target!

The Saturday after thanksgiving saw us head back up from DC to Connecticut, where Stanley was parked. It was a full van up - aside from the five of us, we had Gordon and Danielle along for the ride as well. It was a very long day, but we all made it back safe and sound. When we did get back to the bus we discovered the water wasn't working. As it was Saturday, I thought we had better wait until Monday to check with the campground to see if there was something wrong.

On Sunday, it was basically a re-coup day. Chris had left his wallet in DC, so I drove him to church and got caught up on work. 

Monday, we made our way to Newport, RI to do a story on Rhody Squash - a very interesting organization that combines squash training with academic help and tutoring. It makes me definitely want to give it a go!

Tuesday, Steven, Amy, Amy, and I left Chris and headed out to a town called Marblehead, MA. Chris had to stay behind to work on grad school applications. We went to Marblehead to learn about an awesome program there called the Marblehead Youth News - what started as a wish by a hopeful parent for something that her kids could do after school aside from sports became a vibrant, monthly activity open to any kids who want in. MYN is a news program written and produced by kids for a local cable access channel. The kids do everything from write the scripts, to edit, to operating the cameras and the teleprompters. It was very impressive to watch.

After saying goodbye to the folks at Marblehead Youth News (and giving an interview to them myself), we drive down to Boston to spend the night in a hotel. Steven, Amy and I managed to catch-up with my good friend Marcus for an early dinner, before heeding to out hotel. We had to wake up at 4am for our next story on The November Project.

Wednesday morning, 5:30am the four of us were at Harvard Stadium to hang out with the folks with the November Project - a grassroots community free exercising collective that began last year when founders Brogan and Bojan challenged each other to committing to an exercising regiment. What started as just something they would do has ballooned into a three-times-a-week workout with an average attendance of 200 people. Waking up at 5:30 on a chilly late November morning and seeing so many people out and about, ready to run up and down the steps - it's clear they must be onto something…

We headed out around 8am and rejoiced in the Van's very effective heating system. We had to get moving though, we had to head back down to the bus and pick up Chris and then head over to West Hartford, CT to have lunch with some folks at Stanley, Black & Decker. They took us to a fantastic burger place - Plan B - I would highly recommend it.

Exhausted, we began making our way back to the bus and collapsed. It had been a very long couple of days, and there was much to do to get everything ready for the big finish.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we mostly worked. This next week will see us in Vermont, New Jersey and New York! We only have one week left on the road, and only three more stories to shoot!!