The Filmmaker's Bucket List

Idaho / Aug. 16, 2012 / by Steven
The Filmmaker's Bucket List

 Every filmmaker that I know has a bucket list of things they want to film throughout their career. In film school you can usually knock out fake blood, fights, death scenes, make out scenes, and the smoke twirling off the end of a cigarette (always a favorite). It is how you learn and practice the skills that will be the basic structure for further endeavors. 

So far on Bus 52...

I’ve filmed in hospitals and prisons. I’ve been in airplanes and in production factories. I’ve spent days in horse stables and on farms. I’ve been in radio stations, recording studios, and 26 states along the way.

So here is a list of the first five things that came to my head (even though it could be pages) of some of the things and locations I think would be awesome to capture on film to help narrow down my list. Yes, some of them are ridiculous.

Penguins, Sharks, and Buffalo
Any Rainforest
Surfing in Australia
A Day In The Life of a Toll Both Attendant
A Documentary about Underwater Hockey

I doubt I will be able to cross any of those off the list the rest of this year, but I know that there will be things that will be added to it.