The Beehive State Is Full Of Nice

Utah / May 18, 2012 / by Gelb
The Beehive State Is Full Of Nice

I've loved every minute of this trip. Even though I'm sure my bus-mates can tell you about the stresses associated with what we are doing, they would all say that we wouldn't trade this for the world. I've loved getting to know, however briefly, each state. Seventeen in total so far. Utah was unique.

I didn't know what to expect in Utah. I know about the Olympics, the rich history of the Mormon migration, the planned takeover of the world by large iron spiders, but mostly, I had a pretty blank slate. After spending several days in the Salt Lake City and Cedar City areas, the one thing I am able to tell is this: The people are nice.

Whether it was Curtis from ABC4 who hung out with us on Good Morning Utah, to the very kind folks at Temple Square who showed us around, to all the camp hosts - everyone we met was just the picture of politeness and offered to help us out any way they could. The manager of the Panda Express in Cedar City, Sunee, who recognized us, showered us with warmth, food and suggestions of great places to go. It is meetings like that that really make you proud of what you are doing.

We were in Utah for far too short a time. I can't wait to go back.