The Bean

Oregon / July 21, 2012 / by Amy
The Bean

I’m sure you’ve all been thinking, ‘why, there hasn’t been a Cappuccino Reads blog post in a while, and I really do miss them.’ You have, right? Well, the reason there hasn’t been is, quite simply, that I haven’t been to very many coffee shops lately. 

We went to a very nice one in Oakhurst, California, near Yosemite when we were there. I don’t have any photos because I forgot to take my camera but I will try to give you a decent enough picture with words. 

The Bean is quite a small coffee shop but it’s full of character. There’s plenty of space to sit, with tables along the walls, and a few in the center of the room. There’s also outdoor seating that’s shared with a restaurant next door - it’s a lovely, shady patio that’s lovely for enjoying the nice weather without getting too hot. 

There are plenty of outlets for people, like us, who need to use their computers, and the wifi was free. 

When we visited, we were served by a man and woman, who, I believe are the owners. They were lovely and very welcoming. They brought our drinks to the tables as soon as they were ready, even though it wasn’t table service. It made for a very friendly atmosphere. 

The drinks themselves were excellent. The Bean has a much more extensive and interesting drinks menu than most of the places I’ve been this year, all with exciting names like Gatsby, and the Rat Pack. 

I had a Gatsby, which is the equivalent of what’s called a London Fog back in the UK. It’s steamed milk, an earl grey teabag, and vanilla syrup. I had it over ice and it was very tasty.

I also had a chai that was also very good, and definitely something I would order again, if ever I were back at The Bean. 

We spent a good while there, enjoying the internet and drinks. I would definitely recommend dropping in if ever you’re in Oakhurst and make sure to enjoy the exciting drinks. 

You can see more about The Bean by visitng their website

Photo Credit: Flickr: amanda28192