Connecticut / Nov. 27, 2012 / by Amy

Last week was Thanksgiving and while I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and cooked Thanksgiving before, this was my first time celebrating in the US. 

The biggest difference between celebrating here and back in the UK is, of course, the far, far larger number of Thanksgiving decorations. The inflatable turkeys certainly add to the atmosphere driving through towns and cities alike. 

The other difference is the Black Friday extravaganza part of Thanksgiving. It seems to be rather excessive in my mind, especially when people are being trampled at the local Walmart but other than that, taking a moment out our busy lives to spend time with family and friends to think about what we’re all thankful for is a nice way to stock of life. 

This year, I have a great deal to be thankful for: our project has gone further than I think any of us were wholly convinced of, I’ve met some amazing people this year, and made amazing friends in the rest of the Bus crew. 

Going round the table and hearing what everyone there was thankful for is a great way to think about all the things we’re each lucky enough to experience. 

So far from being just an excuse to eat turkey and cranberry sauce twice in the year, Thanksgiving can be a lovely reason to spend time with family and friends on a cold autumn night. 

Photo Credit: Flickr:  CJ Sorg