Tennessee: The Volunteer State

Tennessee / April 18, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Tennessee: The Volunteer State

When my mother helped me move my belongings from DC to Houston to be stored during my year aboard Stanley, our drive took us though Tennessee.

When we drove through in December it really took my breath away - the mountains, with lakes tucked away along highways. We drove through in the evening and it was misty, which was really magical. Check out my photo album to get an idea of what we saw.

I was excited to get to spend a substantial amount of time in Tennesse during our travels. I think Tennessee is one of the states I can imagine living in most, everyone we met was friendly and congenial, and the scenery is breath taking. 

Our first story was on Random Acts of Flowers in Knoxville - being surrounded by fresh flowers for a day was a welcome change of pace from a bus full of boys. Just kidding. My good friend also had the poor fortune of being exposed to mayhem that we bring to town, but she was an excellent host and walked us along the waterfront and joined us on a trip to Chris' friends farm outside the city.

After Knoxville we headed to Nashville to pick up Robert - we set up camp there for nearly a week. Amy and Rob went to pick up Stanley, and I stayed with the boys and we spent a lovely day with Our Thrift Store. It was also my birthday and it was lovely. Amy and I also had a 'hoot' with our new Hootsuite swag.

Steven and I ended up staying back when the rest of the team went to DC. We managed not to kill one another and explored some of the beautiful parks in the area, but mostly just got Steven caught up on Bones.

It's one of the states we've spent the most time in, and I'm glad we got to know the Volunteer state a little better.