Tell me about my beer!

Oregon / July 28, 2012 / by Steven
Tell me about my beer!

Portland, OR

Located in the north west portion of Oregon lies the city of Portland. Known for its large population of microbreweries and just a general love of having a good beer with friends, Portland is your destination for a pint any time of the day.

I have always enjoyed trying new beers and love learning about what makes them taste, smell, and look the way they do. Each beer has its own ratio of ingredients and any microbrewer will spend countless hours perfecting their mix to get it just right. The resident Portlanders know a lot about beer and our friends from the Oregon Public House, Dean and Ryan, taught the crew and me a little bit about the microbrew world.

So tell me about my beer! In Portland, they want you to know about the flavorful beer in your hand. In Portland, most places serving up brews will have a lot of factual information at your fingertips.

Here are some facts about those abbreviations you will find scattered over menus, chalk boards, and explained by bartenders.

OG and FG - These stand for Original Gravity and Final Gravity. They are measures of density. The density of water is 1.000. By adding sugar in the form of malt the density of the water increases. The Original Gravity is the density of the liquid pre-fermentation. The Final Gravity is the density post-fermentation. To compute the ABV brewers use this formula: (OG-FG) / 7.36. 

ABV - This stands for the alcohol percentage by volume.

IBU - International Bittering Units. This can also be shortened to just BU’s. The IBU refers to how bitter the beer is. Essentially, the higher the IBU number, the more bitter the beer is.

SRM - This stands for Standard Reference Measure. It is a standard method for describing the color of beer. On a scale of 0-40, 0 is clear and 40 is black. It is measured by shining a light through the beer and taking the reading with a spectrophotometer. What is even cooler than that is a brewer can pretty much guess the SRM based on the type of grain!

Now that you know a little more about beer and how to talk about it head over to Portland and taste your way through the city!