Tail-End of Tennessee, Kentucky

Kentucky / April 1, 2012 / by Gelb
Tail-End of Tennessee, Kentucky

This week saw the team reunited and back on the road, doing what we do best. With a newfound sense of determination and an appreciation for just how important being all together on the bus is for work and morale, we set about reforming our organization and approach. We now have a more centralized calendar system in place, and everyone has taken on new responsibilities. We're feeling pretty darn productive. Let's see if it keeps up!

Sunday and Monday, Chris, Amy Wallace and I were all in DC. Chris was at his house getting lots of recording done, while Amy and I were getting things ready for the car. We met up with our lovely producer, Elivia for lunch.

Meanwhile, Steven and Amy Rose did some exploring of the Nashville area. They found some lovely parks, and Steven did his best to keep Amy from drinking the creek water. We think he was successful…

Tuesday was a long driving day - Chris, Amy and I made our way back with our new addition - my parents' minivan. The Honda Odyssey will now be our much needed second vehicle, eliminating our need for rental cars and also making our life much easier for day-to-day mobility. Chris has also found an excellent use for the van as a mobile recording studio - finally a place for peace and quiet!

One Wednesday morning, Chris, Amy W, and Steven all went up to Lexington to shoot Riding for Hope - a great story about the power of horses as therapeutic aids in the lives of many who need them. While those three were up there, Amy Chin and I waited with the bus in Nashville, where we had some folks come to look at our LP system. While we had been away, Amy Chin and Steven hadn't been able to get any LP for the stove or water heater. It turned out there was a switch that wasn't turned on. Thankfully, it wasn't a serious problem and the chaps who came to look at it were very helpful in pointing out where the switch was. We all met up at a campground near Louisville.

Thursday, the other four went bright and early to do the story on YouthBuild Louisville. They were very kind, cooked breakfast for the team, and everyone had such a blast finding out about all the interesting work YouthBuild is involved with. That afternoon, Amy Wallace and I camped out in a coffee shop, Highland Coffee, to get some work done, while Chris and Amy Rose explored the Louisville Slugger museum.

On Friday, we packed up from Louisville and made our way down to Franklin, KY on our way to Missouri, our next state. On our way, we stopped by Abraham Lincoln's birthplace - very interesting! We camped at the Bluegrass RV Park that truly lived up to its name - Chris found some people in a camper nearby who were jamming out with their banjos, mandolins, guitars, and an upright base. He was pretty much in heaven.

Saturday saw us driving through the lovely Kentucky countryside on our way to Paducah - a nice half-way point on our way to Missouri. When we were about 20 minutes from Paducah in a place called Calvert City, we stopped to get some gas and to examine an air-conditioning issue - our plastic casing had cracked and will need to be re-sealed. Not a big worry. After finding out where in the area we would be able to get this done, we hopped back in and got ready to push out to go on into Paducah. I turned the key and heard a click. Odd. Turned it again, click. I made sure the clutch was pushed all the way in, that the battery was working, and ensured that everything else was fine. Still, click click click. Amy looked up what it could be while I phoned Coachnet. We were less than a mile away from our campground. I phoned the campsite and they suggested a towing company. I called Mark from the towing company who came out and managed to get it started, but said he thought it was a problem with the armature in the starter. When I clicked the key, he knew exactly what it was! So, right now Stanley might start, and he might not. Nothing to be done about it till Monday. We're just chilling near Paducah till then.