Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama / April 1, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Sweet Home Alabama

The first thing I noticed about Alabama, the skies were no bluer than in Florida, but they were 'so blue'. I kid, I kid...

We had a nice time traveling through the state of Alabama - I think it was the first state in which none of us have spent much time. I personally had only driven through Alabama. I don't think it ever even got a pit stop but I was thrilled to be back on the gulf coast.

We headed north through the state pretty quickly and spent most of our time in Birmingham. We thoroughly enjoyed Birmingham - we spent time wandering through shops and stores downtown. Spent a few hours in coffee shops, and got to camp at a beautiful state campground just south of Birmingham called Oak Mountain State Park.

My favorite part of our trip was the Civil Right Institute in Birmingham. It was a well laid out museum with great exhibits and lots of interesting information. If you asked the team, they would tell you that I got lost in the museum.

Afterwards I had a really great conversation with my mom and she told me that my grandparents were living in Birmingham during some of the race riots and would have experienced some of the events that were prominent at the museum, which was great to know. 

If you visit Birmingham, you should visit the museum. If you don't have time for the museum, check out the Kelly Ingram Park across the street. It has some really powerful sculptures and some historical markers about the protests and parades that occurred in the city.

Check out my photo album from our time in Alabama.