Sun & Snow

Colorado / May 9, 2012 / by Amy
Sun & Snow

We travel so much that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where we are. I realize that sounds ridiculous but because we’re always on the move combined and we don’t have any true sense of a ‘working week’, it means that we’re occasionally a little unsure of what day it is and where we are. 

What keeps us on most on track is the fact that we release our pieces each Tuesday and Thursday; they’re the only fixed items in our ever-changing schedules. 

Traveling from New Mexico to Colorado, however, we were in no danger of being unaware of the fact that we were changing states. As we drove further and further north, we went through some beautiful mountains in New Mexico but then then landscape changed a great deal, very quickly. 

In no time at all, we went from what was desert to the lush, green and snowy mountains of Colorado. Yes, that’s right, it started snowing when we were driving. We went up to over 8000 feet above sea level, which might explain the snow. It got very cold very quickly, dark clouds came across the horizon and we were, simply put, in the middle of an albeit small, snow storm surrounded by very large and rather intimidating mountains. 

It was a really impressive sight though and I could see how it would be even more enchanting if there was more snow around.

I’m pretty sure the woman in the gas station we stopped at thought I had lost my mind though because I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I’d have thought I was mad seeing myself walk in through the snow in shorts and flip flops... As soon as we’d bought drinks, we all quickly pulled on extra clothes and turned up the heat in the car. 

I must say it was probably the weirdest experience I’ve had, weather-wise. The high winds we’ve experienced this year were definitely scary but this journey was very odd. I’m used to it being sunny one moment and rainy the next - it’s all the weather does in Scotland it seems. But to go from the dry heat of Santa Fe, where the temperature was in the 80s with not a cloud in the sky, to dark skies in the middle of the afternoon with a much, much cooler temperature and snow, all in one day was definitely a cool experience.