Steven's Desertion and Three Great Stories

Nebraska / Sept. 2, 2012 / by Gelb
Steven's Desertion and Three Great Stories

We started our week in Mitchell, SD, and have ended it less than 100 miles away, but having traveled nearly 1000 in the meantime! We are now just north of Sioux City, IA, but technically in South Dakota. We covered three states this week and three stories!

On Sunday, we went to do our piece on Helping with Horsepower at the Abbott House in Mitchell, SD. THe Abbott House is a place where young women and girls can go if they either need to work on some issues, or need other treatment for difficulties in their lives. Laura Klock, a motorcycle enthusiast and record holder, had an idea to try and help the girls at Abbott House by getting them to take apart a broken motorcycle, and then re-construct it. The whole process serves as a giant metaphor and a way for the girls to open up about their troubles - and it is such a fantastic organization. It was great to meet Laura and all the folks at the Abbott House - I can't wait for this story to come out.

After the story, we headed back to our campground and got ready for our drive the next day. Monday morning, we woke up and started heading down to Omaha, Nebraska, getting in early evening.

Tuesday I woke up very early to take Steven to the airport - Steven is leaving us for a little bit over a week to shoot a music video back in Virginia. We're calling it 'Steven's Desertion'. We'll be meeting him in Minnesota. After taking him to the airport, I headed back to camp. The four of us took the minivan to get serviced and also headed to the Apple store for Chris and Amy Rose to have their computers examined.

Wednesday, we got work done in the morning and headed over to Gallup in the afternoon to shoot for our next story, Team Mates. This is a really interesting mentoring organization started by Tom and Nancy Osborne. Dr Osborne was the coach of the University of Nebraska football team, and started the mentoring program from within the team. We were finished shooting part of the story by about 7, and got to bed early so that we would be ready for the very long next day.

We woke up at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning and headed down to Lincoln to shoot the interviews for the Team Mates piece. After saying goodbye to Suzanne, and the great people who are a part of that organization, we set off driving to Cheyenne, Wyoming (a seven hour drive). Because of the time difference, we made it into our hotel by about 6:30. After a long day, we were told that the hotel's pool was out of commission. The fact that they hadn't told this to me over the phone when I made the reservation made me a little bit furious. The others brushed it off. I wrote a very disappointed email to the Hampton Inn people, and my british need to write a letter to convey my frustration was satisfied.

Friday morning, we went to film a story on the Friday Food Bag Foundation - a great organization that purchases, packs and delivers food bags for the weekend to be given to kids who qualify for the free or reduced lunches in Cheyenne schools. It's made up entirely of Volunteers, and it does such great work. We had a blast with them. 

After the story, we walked around Cheyenne briefly, then it was on the road, back to Omaha! We reunited with our bus late in the evening and promptly collapsed. We had another driving day on Saturday, this time, we were heading back up I-29 to Sioux City. We are in town for a story just after labor day, before heading into Iowa and then up to Minnesota! As Chris pointed out, the big states are falling behind now one by one - there's only about 3 1/2 months left in our trip!