Steven Hascher!

November 2011 / Nov. 15, 2011 / by Steven
Steven Hascher!

Hello, I’m Steven and the newest resident film guru of the team!  I am originally from Gloucester, VA and currently live in Springfield, VA just outside of our Nation’s Capital!  I will soon be a  graduate of George Mason University’s Film Program with a Minor in Communications.  

The arts are a huge part of my life. Film and music are two things that I could not live without.  I love films because they have the ability to create stories that can be non-existent in the real world.  There is something about escaping into a film that feels refreshing and exciting.  I love to watch all genres of films and documentaries and if you have any suggestions of films to watch, I always want to hear!!!  I played music growing up in a few bands and have always loved finding new bands to listen to, again taking suggestions!!!


I am also a huge sports fan.  I grew up playing Hockey and it is one of the only sports that I follow regularly.  The Washington Capitals (ROCK THE RED!) are by far the team that I am a diehard fan for.  I am also a fan of lacrosse, soccer, and just about anything that can keep me active!  There will be no Bus potato here!

I love to explore and learn new things through meeting new people!  There is always something to be learned from talking with someone from a culture that is unlike your own.  

Oh, and did I mention that I love food?!  Cooking, tasting, inventing new uses for leftovers, if it involves food I probably have an interest in it.  If you know of any places that need to be visited along my journey, I want to know!!!