Washington / July 30, 2012 / by Amy

Much as I love going to independent coffee shops (and I really do), I also very much enjoying going to Starbucks, something we’ve been doing quite a lot this trip. I realize that it really is not the same as going to a locally-owned coffee shop but, for this year especially, Starbucks has been amazing for many reasons. 

We’ll try to go to an independent coffee shop as much as we can when we need to go out to work but sometimes there isn’t one that has internet, enough seats, or power outlets. With all five of us usually going, it’s no small feat to find somewhere that will seat all of us. 

The internet really is a big reason for going to coffee shops - that and the feeling of space and having a table to work at. So if we know that a place doesn’t have internet, and we’re going there purposefully to work, then it’s no use for us, and we know that Starbucks will always have wifi. 

Starbucks also has regularity in its drink quality. Many people will say that they don’t like the taste of Starbucks coffee, or that it isn’t good enough quality to count as ‘good coffee’ but to be honest, it’s always a consistently good cup of coffee in my opinion, and I like the taste. 

We’ve been to many coffee shops where we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy good coffee and chai lattes but there have also been those where the coffee taste bad and the chai is watery. 

We rely on reviews on Yelp to help us scope out the best coffee shops, and if we’re in an area for a while, we’ll try out a few different ones but often when we’re in a small town, there isn’t much choice. Other times, we’re in a rush and have to just pick one based on the reviews.

The disadvantage we have from moving around all the time is that we can’t always have the luxury to try out the local places if we know that we have a limited amount of time, need good internet and really need a good cup of coffee. 

For times like that, and even times when I’m feeling less adventurous, Starbucks really does a great job. I’ve always rarely had a time when the people behind the counter at Starbucks have been grumpy or anything less than very pleasant. In local places, however, there’s sometimes a chill in their attitude. 

It takes time to explore great coffee shops and when I live in a place, I know my favorites but this year, I can tell you, I really do enjoy knowing that I can get a warm cup of very tasty coffee, a smile, and a solid internet connection at any Starbucks across the country.