Spill The Beans

South Carolina / Feb. 20, 2012 / by Amy
Spill The Beans

As you walk past the Spill the Beans window on South Main Street, in Greenville, SC you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a much smaller coffee shop than it is. The doors are just around the corner, in front of an impressive statue that sits at the opening to Falls Park. Once you walk in, you realize quite how large it is inside and the interior is instantly impressive. 


Spill the Beans is a large café but it doesn't feel too open or cold. In fact, it's a remarkably cosy atmosphere, helped by the feeling of smaller sections within the café rather than one large, open space.

Walking in, there is an area of sofas and armchairs by the window that looks onto South Main Street to the left and the counter sits along the wall just ahead and to the right. 

Further along is a much larger sitting area with chairs and tables as well as some bar-style seating along the windows overlooking the park, and just behind a wall is another section of tables and armchairs. 

The dark red brick walls are adorned with large and very striking paintings, and are a lovely contrast to the gray stone walls that run along part of the back wall.

I had a chai tea latte (I'm rather predictable) and it was lovely. It was spicy and warming, but not too sweet. I also tried some of Chris's Mexican Hot Chocolate (a spiced hot chocolate), which was delicious and something I'd never had before. 

When we went to STB, there was a great deal of choice for seating but with tables nicely spaced, and plenty of them, I'm sure it would be a wonderful place to go even when busy. 

Other than the great interior, the most spectacular part to Spill The Beans (and it is spectacular) is the waterfall that sits behind the café. Visible from the windows in the back of the coffee shop is Reedy River Falls, a very beautiful waterfall, something of a surprise if you don't know it's there. It really is a stunning view to have while drinking a coffee. 

I felt like I could spend day after day working and reading in Spill The Beans, and would gladly have done so. I really do think you should go straight there if you need a good place to sit, drink something tasty and read for a while, if ever you're in Greenville.

If you'd like some more information about Spill The Beans, have a look at their website or follow them on Twitter.