Southern California

California / June 20, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Southern California

San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. We spent some time exploring all that Southern California has to offer.

In San Diego we might have gotten too comfortable at a coffee shop and stayed there all day. In the evening of our fun day in San Diego I got to see a good friend and mentor, Kara. She and her fiancée Anthony showed me around the city, which definitely made me realize a trip back was in order.

In Los Angeles we spent most of our time recuperating and preparing for our little break. Stanley is now the cleanest he has been since we left DC in January, and my closet is actually organized and folded. We also benefitted from the hospitality of Gelb's aunt Pippa who served us the largest, most delicious meals. I think I mentioned my love of potatoes once and they were incorporated into every meal after.

My last day was spent fitting in some touristy things. I really wanted to see the Hollywood sign, see the stars sidewalk by the Chinese theatre, and check out a nice beach. We ended up stumbling into a great garage sale in Hollywood, snapped some nice photos, and got our butts kicked by the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.

It was a very nice introduction to a state I'm sure I'll love very much, and am looking forward to exploring during my little vacation in Sacramento.