Small Acts of Kindness

Alabama / Feb. 23, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Small Acts of Kindness

 In a journey like ours there are many moments that won't be captured. I think what slips by unnoticed most are the unsung heroes that really propel us through this project.

There are of course our families, our friends, and the people whose stories we share. Our neighbors at the parks and campgrounds we stay in, people who wave at Stanley when we're on the road, and people we meet who share our story. There are so many people that touch our lives making Bus 52 possible.

This week in Birmingham we spent some time running errands, which included a trip to the Post Office to pick up some stamps to adjust to the increase in postage. Stanley drove past the window and raised a few eyebrows, and wondered what on earth a bus with a Stanley sticker on the front was doing in the parking lot. Chris and I explained what our big blue bus was doing in Birmingham.

After we share our mission of tracking down inspiring stories in America, everyone is sharing all the inspiring places to go and see in Birmingham. Wanda, the postal worker assisting us, recommends the Civil Rights Institute, and says she'll check us out online and tell folks about what we're doing.

After Chris buys his postcard stamps, I step up to pick up my ninety cents in stamps. Unfortunately I left my wallet on the bus - and think I'll just pick up stamps later. But Wanda picks up my stamps for me, saying it's the least she can do and says she'll keep us in her prayers.

While getting ready to leave she brought out a few people to hear more about what we were doing, and get a good look at Stanley. I believe it's moments like this that I will treasure most from this year; the goodness of people is often overlooked. Hopefully this year we're able to capture moments that remind us all that little acts of kindness can make a world of difference.