Sky Diving!!!!

Illinois / Sept. 27, 2012 / by Steven
Sky Diving!!!!

Skydiving has always been something that I have wanted to try. But, like most crazy and insane adrenaline things it usually remains a fantasy. That is until this past week.

We were shooting a story on Canopies for Kids, a non-profit organization that gives skydivers the opportunity to attach a stuffed bear to them for the ride. The bear then gets given to a child at the local children's hospital to remind them to be brave. Keep an eye out for that story in a few weeks.

Let me start by saying that everyone should go skydiving at least once in their life. It was the most exhilarating and freeing thing that I have ever done. All the people at Skydive Midwest are so fun and they have the coolest jobs in the world. I can't believe that they get to skydive every day.

I thought I was going to be really nervous on the ride up in the plane, but I was actually too excited to even think about being nervous. The plane you ride up to 14,000 feet in, is literally the equivalent of a tin can. Everyone is crammed up next to each other as you look out the windows at the ground growing smaller and smaller.

When we reached altitude the pilot dinged the buzzer and all the professional skydivers were stoked to call out the 60 second count down. Before I knew it the door was open and we were sliding down the bench to the doorway. Placing yourself properly in the tiny hatchway is the only thing you are worried about at that moment despite the fact you are about to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

3...2...1. My professional skydiver that is strapped to my back rocks us out of the plane and we go plummeting towards the ground. Winds reach speeds of 120mph as we fall roughly two and a half miles to the 5,000 feet mark. The feeling of having your arms out and soaring through the sky is the best I have ever felt. You have absolutely nothing around you and the wind rushing past your body makes you feel so powerful.

I have a love for a lot of things in this world. Tattoos, good food, and now I can add skydiving to that list!