Showing a little Airport Love

California / July 1, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Showing a little Airport Love

I really hate flying, but I love airports.

It's a weird space in our society where people from all kinds of walks of life are shoved together into spaces that are pretty uncomfortable. But between the cramped rows, overpriced food, and screaming children, I find comfort in the companionship of my fellow travelers.

I love strangers and striking up a conversation. Sitting in the airport bar waiting for your flight, trying to pass the time in air, and just living your life in the company of a total stranger. It's an idea that just tickles me.

Inevitably, you and your neighbor have something in common. I've sat next to alumni from my university, people who went to the same camps growing up, even someone who I interviewed for a job (awkward!). But the people I enjoy meeting most are the adventurers, the perpetual travelers, the people who I aspire to be.

Before my flight back to California from DC, Mom and I decided to grab a glass of wine at the airport. We were just chatting and reminiscing about our trip, and the man next to us said, "Is this your grandmother?"

And let me tell you, I was ready to get on the offensive. My mom is a nice looking young lady! He explained that mothers and daughters rarely get along as well as we did - and said that he had just enjoyed some time with his family. We got to talking and he found out that I was traveling this year - and had some excellent recommendations.

He was living in Santa Fe, but the most beautiful place to visit was Idaho. In all honestly I had not been that excited to see Idaho. But apparently northern Idaho is all the good parts of Montana, with great people, and the most delicious summer cherries.

He chatted about his travels and the valuable experience of meeting all kinds of people. He was casual and wise in a way that far too few people are, sharing his experiences and open-minded approach to life with two strangers.

It was inspiring. I was thoroughly enjoying my break and dreading life back on the bus, but I'm ready to go back and keep going.