Settling In

Arkansas / March 12, 2012 / by Amy
Settling In

We’ve now been on the road for just over two months. It feels like both a lifetime and like no time at all, like most exciting things do. In this time, we’ve all been hard at work filming for our profile pieces, editing them and writing our articles and blog posts. We’ve been settling into life on the bus very nicely. At least, we had until it broke down again. 

So while we are bus-less for the moment, were had been getting nicely into the rhythm of living on Stanley. 

However, we’re not the only thing that’s been settling. Everything on the bus, including the appliances, food and cables necessary for hooking the bus up to water and electricity have been finding their homes. 

When we left Bethesda, we had to make sure we had all the necessaries on the bus and the never seemed to get any shorter. Once we’d started traveling, we had a couple of occasions (thanks to flooding the first time and the bus breaking down for the second)  to take everything out of the bus before reloading everything. Such a task is not as simple as it may seem. With five people and all our cooking and filming equipment, we have a lot of things with little storage space in which to put them. 

There’s also the problem of making sure everything is away before we start moving. Anything delicate or breakable needs to be put some secure and all items that could move about need to be placed in cupboards, beds or even, the kitchen sink. 

Since the bus shakes quite a bit due to its size, engine and lack of luxury suspension, there is also a lot of noise with our toaster-oven bouncing away on a shelf above the microwave. 

Now however, it seems everything has found a place, and a more silent one at that. The microwave no longer tries to tip onto the couch, the stove no longer rattles like loud, metallic maracas and our food seems to be well enough contained to withstand the movement of the bus (save a daring bag of apples that leaps from the top of the cupboard). 

As we pass our two-month mark, and we’re working away at the project, the bus seems to have absorbed everything, if not perfectly, then as well as can be hoped for from a school bus holding five people. 

In fact, it is extremely easy to lose things on Stanley, so well does he absorb things. I was hoping that I would be less likely to lose track of things while on the bus but actually, it can feel easier to lose things than in a house. Maybe we just aren’t feeding Stanley enough...