Seeing the Sights - Kentucky

Kentucky / April 22, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Seeing the Sights - Kentucky

If asked, I would say that I'm excited for all the states we visit - there's something I've heard about, been recommended, or just have a vague idea about in each state.

When we drove into Kentucky I expected horses, whiskey, and quilts. The team ended up getting two out of the three, but due to some issues on the bus Rob and I missed out on that. I did have the lovely opportunity of visiting two museums in Kentucky - the National Quilting Museum and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour.

My mother and father have spent some time in Louisville, and went by the Louisville Slugger Museum and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a bit apprehensive as I don't particularly enjoy or understand the sport, but my mom said it was something worth experiencing. She was very right - it was interesting to what went into making a Major League Baseball bat. The technology and process was really cool to see, and the attention to detail was pretty mind blowing.

A good family friend, Rebecca Culbertson, is a big quilter and suggested that if we were to find ourselves in Paducah, we should check out the National Quilting Museum there. Well, we found ourselves broken down in Paducah so we had ample opportunity to visit the museum. It was completely unexpected - forget the quilts that you grew up with, these quilts are made of anything and everything the quilters could get their hands on. And the designs were astonishing; many of the pieces were more like sculptures than something you would throw on your bed. I found it to be an inspiring place, and particularly enjoyed the traveling exhibit they were hosting from acCent! Art Quilts of the UK.

Being able to see museums and landmarks I otherwise may never have seen is definitely one of my favorite parts of our travels.

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