Santa Fe

New Mexico / May 5, 2012 / by Amy
Santa Fe

We’ve been in New Mexico for almost a week now and I’ve been really enjoying my time here. I’d never been before and it was always somewhere I wanted to visit, Santa Fe in particular. It’s a state full of surprises, not least a town with the name ‘Truth or Consequences’ and one overrun with aliens, Roswell. I've also seen some of the most beautiful sunsets ever in NM, and they have been incredibly impressive. 

I’ve enjoyed driving through the countryside, seeing the contrast between the high, sometimes snow-capped mountains and the flat, seemingly never-ending desert. We’ve seen lush areas of greenery along the rivers and an area called White Sands that is covered in some of the whitest sand I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Roswell and Truth or Consequences were fun to explore and both very different from each other but Santa Fe has been my favorite place in New Mexico thus far. I love the feeling of driving and walking down the streets - everything feels like a back road or a small lane. 

All the new buildings are very much in keeping with the old style, which makes the whole place feel quite magical. Even the parking areas are built to resemble the old adobe houses.  

The central Plaza is a beautiful square and what makes even more special is the Native American jewelry being sold by registered Native salesmen and women. It is all wonderful and I could see myself spending far, far too much money there. It’s a good thing I stayed resolute and didn’t buy anything. 

The visitor center has a wonderful little garden outside. I sat there for a while, under the shade of the multi-colored trees, listening to the birds and the fountain. And there are more museums and art galleries in one small area than I think I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a place to visit if you have a love of art of all kinds.

I definitely want to come back to explore more and I don’t feel it would be too awful a thing to live here...