San Francisco

California / July 16, 2012 / by Amy
San Francisco

We’ve now been in San Francisco for 5 days and we’ll be here until Wednesday. It’s probably the longest time we’ve been in any one city, excepting our time in L.A. over the break (but I’m not going to count that because we weren't actually there as long as it felt we were there). 

I’d been to San Francisco years ago and remember enjoying myself. I remember eating lots of very yummy sushi, going to my first Apple store, an amazing bookshop and lots and lots of wind.

While we’ve been here, the weather’s been, somewhat like it is in Scotland, rather up and down. I’ve always known that San Francisco was a place of weather, especially wind and fog, that changes very quickly. We arrived, it was sunny and I was happily wearing a skirt and t-shirt. 

Then later in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in (really, it was like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean with the pirates about to come ashore and attack everyone), the temperature dropped and I was colder than I’ve been in months. I was not amused.

While we’ve been here, we’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge, though it was slightly more shrouded in fog than we were hoping and it looked rather less uninspiring than it does when the sun’s shining. We’ve driven down Lombard Street (the windiest street in the city), which I always enjoy doing. And, in case you were wondering, no, we didn’t do this in the bus.

I realize that it’s probably one of the most touristy things you can do in SF but it’s worth it, even if you do have to queue (can you believe it? A queue to go down a road!?). We even put the Go Pro on the top of the car so we have a pretty cool video of us going down Lombard. 

We haven’t been on a trolley yet but we have been past the houses used as the exterior for the beginnings of the TV show, Full House. So yes, we have managed some spectacularly touristy things in amongst the filming. 

We also went out one evening with a friend of Gelb and Chris who showed us a very tasty vegan restaurant before taking us to an amazing pub where we played Trivial Pursuit before a game of Pictionary. We do live life on the edge... It was a great evening that was a really fun way to give us a break from work. And, I just love playing board games. 

We have a few very cool stories to share with you from the Bay Area, the first one of which will be up on Thursday. So make sure you come back to have a look then!