San Francisco and Mistaken Bridges

Oregon / July 22, 2012 / by Gelb
San Francisco and Mistaken Bridges

This was a long week for us on the bus. We filmed 5 stories this week - a record!

After setting aside a workday on Sunday, Monday saw the team go back to the API Wellness Center to finish filming for the Banyan Tree Project piece. It's a great project working to remove the stigma of HIV and AIDS. I was sick, so couldn't go, but the rest of the team had a fantastic time speaking with Lance and everyone at APIWC. The piece should be up this Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we went to shoot some more footage for our LovedTwice piece that premiered this past Thursday. We got to meet some amazing people at IPOP, a social working agency that LovedTwice works with. The story premiered on Thursday and it's fantastic. I really encourage you to check it out!

We weren't done for the day though! After LovedTwice, we made our way over to the Dogpatch area of San Francisco to meet up with Toan from Go Inspire Go! Toan does similar things to what we do, but he is much bigger and has much more experience. We were covering him covering another story - it was a bit like an inception moment. It was great to see him work - this piece should premier this Thursday, and of what I'e seen of the rough cut, it's going to look pretty sweet.

That evening, Toan showed us an amazing latino restaurant in the heart of San Francisco. It was a little hole in the wall, and the best food I've ever had. It was incredible. I won't spoil the surprise, check for Steven's post on it coming soon. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we made our way back to our RV park in Redwood City and got ready for a grueling day.

We had a 5am alarm set for Wednesday morning. We were all ready and out of the park by 6:15. I love early mornings like this. The others? Not so much. Our GPS, Gloria managed to maneuver us through a sleepy San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge, on our way out of the area. The drive up through Northern California was absolutely gorgeous. Definitely Castle country. We made it into Roseburg, Oregon mid-afternoon. Roseburg is a little town in the heart of the Umpqua Valley (pronounced um-qua) and set up camp at a beautiful little campground called the Rising River RV Park. Best showers yet.

On Thursday, we met with Peter from the Umpqua Valley Time Exchange - a time bank organization in Roseburg. Time-banking is a really simple idea of encouraging volunteering through assigning time dollars. If you go and pick up someone's groceries, you earn 1 Time Dollar. You can then exchange that dollar by getting someone to come and help you mow your lawn, etc. I think it's an absolutely amazing idea.

Thursday afternoon, we got back to the campground and got a curious email from a television company up in Portland. On Saturday we were planning to be under the Washington Jefferson Bridge in Portland covering the Free Photo Project. Slight problem: There is no Washington Jefferson Bridge in Portland. After calling Aloma, from the Free Photo Project, I realized my complete idiocy. The bridge is in Eugene. I will say, that was a huge bit of luck there. We decided to just stay in Roseburg an extra night and drive up to Eugene to do the story on Saturday on our way to Portland. The problem was now we would be in Portland with no story! Everyone started looking up possibilities, and I think we've found a pretty awesome one I know you'll love.

Friday was spent working, and on Saturday it was another bright and early wake-up call before heading out to Eugene. We met Aloma under the Washington Jefferson Bridge to shoot footage on the Free Photo Project - an incredibly innovative idea of taking portraits for homeless families and individuals who don't have access to cameras or studios. It is incredible how much a photo can mean to someone. Many of the people we met with didn't have any photos of their children or of themselves. Some sent them back to family members with the envelope and stamp given to them by the project, some showed photos from years previous that Aloma had taken that they still had and proudly kept. It was a really wonderful story.

After shooting, we hopped back on the road and headed for Portland. We got in late yesterday evening and are looking forward to exploring the City of Bridges!