The Route

December 2011 / Dec. 6, 2011 / by Gelb
The Route

"Where are you going to start?" "What is the plan?" "Where will you be on the 28th of August!?" All great questions, and hopefully, all answerable! Our route is something that we have thought about quite extensively, as well as written several posts about it in the past. What we have now is as close to a rough draft of our route as possible. What's it like? Best question of the lot! Read on.

The Start
With our launch date appearing to hover around the 8th of January, we need to think carefully about not only where we are heading, but when we are heading there. We're starting and ending in DC, and for those of you who don't know, DC can get pretty cold. With average temperatures ranging between 24 and 43 degrees in the winter, things are going to start out quite cold for old Stanley. Heading off to Minnesota or North Dakota first might not be the greatest of ideas.

For the start, we are, as expected, heading straight south. It makes sense - First through Virginia, and then down the east coast to Florida, reaching the Sunshine State by around the 3rd of February.

All over the South and East coast, temperatures are still rather cool during February and March, and while we will definitely be a bit nippy, our route takes us to the best possible places within the defined area where we can hopefully be met with moderate temperatures. From Florida, we will cycle through the south - Alabama, then Mississippi, and Louisiana during February into March, and then moving through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, reaching Kansas by the first of April. 


From Kansas, we'll head south through Oklahoma before reaching Texas. We'll be spending over two weeks in Texas - the second longest time spent in a state - this is partially due to its size, but also the large population and geographic diversity the state offers. The second-to-last day in April, we will be saying goodbye to the Lone Star State and moving into New Mexico for the first week of May. Then, up to and through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada - taking in the sights, sounds, and stories for close to a week per state. By the 6th of June, we will have made it into The Golden State, California - the largest in the lower 48.

Though we have 22 days allocated to California, the number is deceptive. It is a time of change for the project, and a chance to reload our batteries. We will say goodbye to Chris, and a take several days break in order to attend various graduations and let ourselves have a quick chance to relax.

The end of June, however, and the wheels are back on the road! Next stop, Oregon for the beginning of July - where we will be spending Independence Day. Then onward to Washington, before spiraling back east, going through Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana before the month is out. By the beginning of August, we'll say hello to North Dakota, curving down southward to South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and then Minnesota. The end of August/beginning of September will see us entering Wisconsin, and then on to Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, where we will spend 9 days.

The Falll
October will see us start in Ohio, then make our way through West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In the final days of October, we'll drive up to Maine to begin our Autumn drive down back towards Maryland. November will start in Maine, before seeing us down through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island for Thanksgiving, and then Connecticut. 

The Final Stretch!
We'll start December by going through New York, spending 9 days in the Empire State, before heading through New Jersey, Delaware, and then reaching our final destination before heading home - Maryland! 

If all goes well we should be pulling into DC a couple of days before Christmas. Tired, well worn, but full of excitement and relief. Mostly I would imagine, relief.