Rolling Hills and Arches: KY, MO

Missouri / April 8, 2012 / by Gelb
Rolling Hills and Arches: KY, MO

Happy Easter! This week has seen the team in Kentucky and Missouri. We started the week just outside Paducah, KY. Poor old Stanley's starter was on the fritz. On Monday we were going to have it looked at and hopefully replaced. On Sunday, Chris and Amy Chin went to explore the National Quilting Museum while Amy Wallace, Steven, and I caught up on some work in a local Panera Bread. That night, through magic of modern technology, we all revelled in the premier of Game of Thrones.

Monday was a day of uncertainty. We managed to get Stanley started and took him over to TAG Truck Center in Calvert City []. They were quick and professional. In a couple of hours, Stanley had a new starter and we were on the road, headed to Joplin, MO for our next story. We drove more than 400 miles, pulling into the Big Red Barn RV park that night.

Tuesday we spent catching up on editing and working. Wednesday, we drove into Joplin to meet up with Meg with Artfeeds. It was so awesome to follow her and her converted Winnebago providing artistic sessions to kids and teachers. Getting the chance to see around another converted vehicle was pretty cool as well - there were lots of cool innovations. Steven's favorite was a pair of old suitcases converted into portable speakers. Pretty wild.

On Thursday, we started our drive across the state to St Louis. We had planned to stay in the middle of the city, but were turned away from the campground due to our bus. Apparently, simply having the word 'Bus' written on your Motorhome disqualifies you from staying at that particular campground. You can imagine that after a long day of driving, and having made reservations, to be rudely turned away late in the day was not too pleasing. The great folks at the Route 66 KOA, fortunately, were more than happy to take us, 'Bus' and all.

Friday saw us meet with Diane Pierce and her wonderful volunteers at Senior Dogs 4 Seniors. We traveled to her lovely house in the woods outside of St Louis and met her and her 16 dogs. Yes, 16 dogs. It was very difficult trying to pull Amy Chin away from all of them. It was a great time learning all about what Senior Dogs 4 Seniors does, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

Saturday was another story and another adventure of a very different Kind. We made our way into the city in the morning to try and go up the St Louis Arch. We didn't have enough time to ascend, but did poke around the museum of western expansion before heading to out next story: Circus Harmony. We made our way to the City Museum to meet Jessica and the performers at Circus Harmony. We had such a great time watching some incredible acts and abilities, and seeing firsthand the passion that Jessica has for her organization and the kids involved. Set in the very unusual City Museum, the day was one of surprises and exhilaration. We made our way back to the campsite tired but loving life. As Steven says, "I love my job."