Reed Books

Alabama / March 19, 2012 / by Amy
Reed Books

While we were in Birmingham, Alabama, we were looking up interesting shops to visit and one of the places that came high on the list was Reed Books on Third Avenue North.

The bookstore, owned by Jim Reed, advertises ‘Antiques - Books - Collectibles’ across the front because it does more than sell books. Also named The Museum of Fond Memories, Reed Books is a haven for anyone looking to find an elusive book, comic or even a collectible Star Trek doll. 

As you walk in, you are taken aback by the sheer volume of books and objects in the shop. The first section of the shop is inhabited mostly by an incredible selection of collectibles and objects from special edition Barbies to light-up Santa decorations. 

Just past the main collectible area are the books. However, just saying this is where the books are does not possible evoke the reality of the number of books in this shop. The walls are covered in books, which sit in whichever position best allows the largest number of books to reside on any one shelf. 

And while books adorn the shelves, the floors too are furnished in pile upon mound of books teetering along the corridors. Everywhere you look, you are privy to a selection of second-hand books in great condition.

There are also a great number of very beautiful old and rare books, some behind glass, rather appropriately labeled ‘Collectible & Scarce’. 

I was very happy in the literature section where there was a lovely pile of critical writing about Jane Austen but I was soon drawn into the other sections. The number of books packed into what was a relatively small shop is just fantastic. 

Steven had fun exploring the mystery section and bought books by two of my favorite crime writers, Raymond Chandler and Rex Stout. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choice in the shop, don’t worry. Jim Reed himself is available to answer any of your questions about where you might find your favorite author or genre in his treasure trove of books. 

This shop seems to go on and on, even boasting a ‘Library of Thought’ in the very back of the long, thin store. While it make look smaller on the outside, it holds more books than you would imagine, and all sorts of books and toys that reminded me of my childhood. 

If you love being nostalgic and reminding yourself of objects once lost, this is the shop for you. But even if assortments of objects and collectibles aren’t your cup of tea, this shop will be sure to have many, many books that will whet your appetite and add dozens to your ever-growing to-read list. 

For more information on Jim Reed and his bookshop, please visit the website, or follow Jim on Twitter.