California / June 24, 2012 / by Amy Rose

I'm a social media addict.

In earlier blog posts I've written about it, but it's starting to get out of hand. Gelb asked me to start looking at forums and discussion boards as a way of connecting with audiences more specific to our stories. I was having a hard time of it at first, but in the process, found something.


Now many of you who know what the internet is and how computers work are probably scoffing. How did you not know about Reddit? If you're so into social media and putzing around online how come you weren't on Reddit? Or maybe, yah so? Only huge dorks use Reddit!

A.) The internet and I have been in a pretty rocky relationship since the day I found AOL chatrooms. Apparently things aren't always as they seem?

B.) I'm renowned for my ability to crash a camp WiFi in minutes.

C.) The day I don't drop either my computer, cell phone, camera, iPod, or iPad on the ground will be a glorious day. And I know that doesn't really have anything to do with the internet, but it does. 

So I was already a huge dork, but now I'm one of Reddit. I've yet to get to crazy with the posting and commenting, but the reading and up arrow-ing has become addictive. I can just sit on my phone for hours reading the amazing things people decided to talk about on Reddit.

We're still in the acquaintances phase, but I have a feeling Reddit is not going to simplify my relationship with the internet.