Red White and Food

California / July 13, 2012 / by Steven
Red White and Food

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July holiday! Among the fireworks, beaches, friends, and family lies one of the most important pieces of the holiday: the food! For our 4th of Jule, we hung out with Rob's relatives at Newport Beach and had an amazing dinner.

One of the foods I have had the opportunity to try in the past month has been Boerewors. It is a South African sausage and it is absolutely amazing. I like mine on a roll with ketchup but you can use it in a lot of different dishes. I suggest trying it if you are looking to increase your worldly palette. Check out any South African butcher or food shop to pick some up.

Another absolute must for the fourth is potato salad. When done right, potato salad can be very light and not completely unhealthy for you. I always suggest adding less mayo and use some of your favorite spices to add flavor.

Griling can make anything taste better. The mix of grilled vegetables, chicken, and shrimp we had was packed with huge flavor. A light chili sauce was brushed across them towards the end of cooking and the mix of the smoke made this some of the best grilled food I have had in a while. The shrimp was gone within minutes leaving none for seconds, sadly. They were that good!

No matter what you had on the fourth, if you were grilling, you were doing it right! Keep up the American tradition!