Recording on the Road

Virginia / Jan. 14, 2012 / by Chris
Recording on the Road

For those who have never tried it, recording music on a bus is actually a bit of a challenge.  Recording music on a bus you live in, well, you have to be a bit crazy to attempt that.

We barely have enough room for ourselves on Stanley, so needless to say I can’t bring along an entire recording studio.  The rest of the crew had to talk me down from a few musical items that were, shall we say, less than practical (what do you mean I can’t bring my drum set?).  In the end, I decided to bring my guitar, a computer recording interface*, and a small MIDI keyboard that connects directly to my laptop.  The keyboard allows me to play a large variety of simulated instruments on the computer, which end up comprising the majority of what you will hear in our Bus 52 profile pieces.  

I had initially intended that that most of the music for Bus 52 would have a guitar basis, as it is my only live instrument on board besides the human voice.  However, even this proved to be difficult, for two reasons.  First, even my pared down recording rig is too large to keep set up, so I have to put the equipment up and break it down every time I want to record.  Second, the few times I have taken the time to plug in all my cables and set up a microphone are the times mother nature decides to send in a rainstorm.  While the sound of rain on our roof is soothing when we’re trying to sleep, it doesn’t sound nearly as nice on my guitar tracks.  So in most cases, a plugged in guitar and a little reverb has had to suffice. 

You can be the judge of whether or not I’ve succeeded in my efforts by checking out our profile pieces - the first one will be up in the next few days.


*For the technically minded, I use the PreSonus Firepod, a UA LA-610 Mk II Preamp, and an M-Audio Oxygen 25 Keyboard.