Portillo's Hot Dogs

Illinois / Sept. 29, 2012 / by Steven
Portillo's Hot Dogs

Chicago is known for the Chicago style hot dog. Some call it "dragging it through the garden". One thing is for sure, Portillo's is the champion at all tube encased foods.

While killing some time after a story in Chicago, Amy Wallace, Rob, and I found ourselves hungry and decided to make our way to Portillo's. We have seen a bunch of them around and wanted to give their hot dogs a try.

I had a Polish dog as well as a regular Chicago style dog. Rob tried the chilli-cheese and Amy Wallace fancied herself a Chicago. We were all beyond pleased with the hot dogs and I no longer question that Chicago knows how to do a hot dog. The hotdogs were flavorful, the ingredients were fresh, the staff was pleasant, and the food left us full. All the qualities essential to a perfect experience.

Stay tuned for a follow up post when we are New York. I will compare and give my take on the epic battle of what city has the better dog.