Tennessee / March 28, 2012 / by Gelb

Over the past week, we have been through a lot. We have had to get re-organized and have driven over 2,000 miles in the past few days alone to retrieve the bus as well as to pick up our second vehicle. 

While our profile pieces have been absolutely fantastic, sometimes I have a habit of getting worried. Everyday frustrations manifest themselves in irritation with the little things. You always want to put the best foot forward, and with a young project like ours run entirely out of a moving bus, there is always a hope that our message will spread and (frankly) our viewer numbers will skyrocket. We all knew getting the word out wouldn't be easy, however that doesn't stop the feelings of frustration and anticipation.

When I get like this, I know I need a story. Any frustration, whether it be due to organization, money, social media, or anything else, instantly seems so ridiculous the moment we pull up and get ready to shoot. The inspiration that we get to experience on a daily basis truly astounds me. Each story that we cover is very different, but all of them have been run with energy and excitement by such dedicated people.

A story like our most recent one on Our School at Blair Grocery was one such example. Perhaps the most emotional and unexpected story, for me personally, OSBG showed how a dedicated group of people who have to deal with such adversity and other challenges make small frustrations that we deal with on a daily basis seem so much more insignificant. We have an amazing project and, thankfully, our job is to highlight amazing projects and inspiring people. It's what drives us, and it keeps us grounded.