Over The Horizon

Washington, DC / Dec. 20, 2012 / by Steven
Over The Horizon

All good things must come to an end. At least that is what I hear people say as they close one chapter of their lives to start another. Living and working on the bus does has kept my mind really busy and I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about the future. So what is on the horizon for me once we come full circle?

For the rest of December I will be still editing the pieces that we have left to air, and making one last sweeping effort to have all of our files in somewhat of an organized system. I plan on living in my old room at my parents' house as I reassimilate myself into normal living. The comforts of home on a regular basis, in a fixed space, and with a trustworthy bathroom will help that process smoothly.

During all of that adjusting, I will be also looking for a new job. I have filled out a few applications over the year and have received a few interview opportunities while traveling. Hopefully that good luck hasn't run out yet and I can find employment!

The thing that will take the most adjusting to is not moving to a new location every few days or so. Staying in one place will feel really weird for a while I imagine. Not moving around means I get to get reacquainted with spending time with friends, family, and my girlfriend. 

It is going to be really hard to ever top the year I have had, but it has sent a benchmark for me to strive for each and every year. In my next blog I will write about what has changed about me and what I have loved the most about being on Bus 52!