Our New Splash Page is Up!

June 2011 / June 27, 2011 / by Gelb
Our New Splash Page is Up!

Our new splash page is up!

We’re really excited to show everyone our new splash page - check it out at www.bus52.com. In the coming week, I’ll be writing a couple of posts that will discuss some of the more technical aspects of how we want the site to look and function. When we say we want to bring you along for the ride, we mean with everything!

What is a splash page? A splash page is a simple page that will load when someone goes to your site, particularly while your real, more advanced site is being constructed. The purpose of the splash page is basically to quickly inform people about who you are, but also to let them know that the next stage isn’t too far away. It’s a holding site, if you will.

What do we want ours to convey? Basically, there are three aspects that you look for in a splash page: design, content, and reader interaction.

Having our splash page up lets us look at one possible route the design might take - including the color scheme, fonts, and general ‘feel’ of the site. Our splash page, as you can see, is based in yellow and black, with a slight gradient. The icons are black and share a common size. When we consider the design that our friends at Raw Jam are going to come to up with, their initial draft will probably resemble that style of site. We can then see if it works when applied to our wireframes - another blog post about those in a little while.

The splash page also needs to provide content. Even though there are only two pages, we need everyone to know what the project is about relatively quickly. That is why our first page has a teaser while our second one has a bit more info on the project.

Finally, reader interaction. The site needs to look good and professional. It needs to connect us with our readers and show what we’re up to. We’ll let you be the judge on how well that is going!