Our New Mentor: Emmy-Winning Producer Dean Love

September 2011 / Sept. 15, 2011 / by Gelb
Our New Mentor: Emmy-Winning Producer Dean Love

We are extremely excited to announce that Dean Love, an Emmy Award-winning producer has come on board with Bus 52 as a mentor for the project. Dean is currently exploring the potential of producing a broadcast-ready documentary about the project, and will be helping to train the Bus 52 team in professional broadcast-quality production. You can find out more about Dean on his website: http://www.deanlove.com

This weekend, the ground team will be making their way to DC in order to shoot a trailer for the project as well as have some on-the-ground training from Dean in the art of video production. 

The potential documentary would follow the ground team on the adventure for the year and would focus on our growth and development as individuals during the myriad of experiences, challenges and triumphs we will face while on the road. 

The potential documentary does not affect our original project - Bus 52 is the same as ever. We might just have someone following us and get to use fancier equipment. Stay tuned for more news on this development, and thank you again for your continued support of the project.