Our Mission: We Choose To Accept It

November 2011 / Nov. 17, 2011 / by Steven
Our Mission: We Choose To Accept It

Bus 52’s mission is to highlight individuals that are striving to build a better community through innovative ways.  We hope to show how people of all walks of life are finding ways to improve their community and the world as whole.  An important aspect of Bus 52 is highlighting these individuals with personal profiles and media posts as we travel throughout America.  We have the opportunity to help bridge a gap between different generations through the use of all kinds of social media.  

Bus 52 was created by young people and we want to get other young people involved in exploring the world around us.  Even though we are using social media as the main delivery for our explorations, we want to encourage everyone that follows our journey to get proactive in their community and want to learn more about the different cultures that lie outside their comfort zone.  

Even though there are only 5 of us traveling around the nation, Bus 52 is about everyone that is willing to take that challenge with us.  Connecting with us through social networks and giving us ideas for great stories or places to visit, puts you in the drivers seat.  We want to create media that is going to present the most important and interesting information that sometimes gets lost in social media.

Photo Credit: cjc4454