Our Long Day

Mississippi / Feb. 26, 2012 / by Gelb
Our Long Day

With a Six AM wake-up call, we grumbled and started to get ready for the long day ahead of us. We packed up the bus in Norcross, and made sure the rental car was full of gas, and set off to return our Chevy Traverse before making the 6 hour drive to Savannah.

By about 9am we were on our way to Savannah along I-16. We weren't expected at AWOL until 4:30, and had wanted to get in a bit early to explore the town. We arrived at 2. Steven, who hadn't been feeling so well stayed and had a power nap. With the rest of us off the bus, I bet it was the best nap of the trip for him. Chris, the Amys and I went off to check out Savannah. We sampled some famous brittle and fudge, and Chris made a bee-line for the ice cream. Although we only had a few minutes, Savannah's waterfront and downtown streets certainly looked pretty magnificent. The towering trees with the spanish moss certainly didn't disappoint.

After waking poor Steven up, we made our way to the good folks at AWOL. We met Tony Jordan and the participants. Their offices had studios, recording stations, and awesome urban art. Looking at all the recording gear, I could tell Chris was close to drooling. Unfortunately, Steven was still feeling pretty unwell, so was resigned to staying on the bus for much of the evening. After shooting the story, we gave the AWOL-ers a tour of Stanley and were interviewed by Tony for their own project. We tried to help Tony convince DaVeena (his wife and co-creator of AWOL) that they needed to buy a school bus and convert it as well. She wasn't having any of it.

After saying goodbye to Tony and the rest of AWOL, it was on the road again. It was about 8pm, and we still had some driving to do. We had to be in Miami for a story on Wednesday, and it was Monday. Knowing Tuesday was going to be a long drive, we wanted to make as much headway on Monday night as possible. The plan was to try and get beyond Jacksonville that night so we would miss the early morning traffic.

We managed to get just beyond Jacksonville and stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It was our first night dry-camping - camping without hooking up power and water. We strapped in for the night and got ready before the long trek down to Miami. 

And that was our day.