Oregon to Washington

Washington / July 29, 2012 / by Gelb
Oregon to Washington

It was a whirlwind week for the team - four stories in seven days! We started our week just south of Portland in Canby, Oregon, and finished it just north of Seattle.

After getting into Canby on Saturday afternoon, Sunday saw Chris, the Amys and I go and explore Silver Falls state park in Salem, OR. Steven stayed back to get some work on and relax. The falls were incredibly impressive - you were even able to walk behind them! It was a really nice walk and we all felt as though we got a good workout.

Monday saw us head into Portland to meet Ryan from the Oregon Public House. We met him at a warehouse where he was creating the bar from a piece of redwood. We learned all about the Oregon Public House - the nation's first nonprofit pub! It is such a fantastic idea - basically, it resembles a normal pub with the major difference being that you get to choose where the profits of your food and drink go. As Ryan explains, you have three menus - your drinks menu, your food menu, and your charity menu. It is such a great idea, I'm trying to get my parents to start one in Bethesda… more as that develops… We also got the chance to meet one of Ryan's partners in crime, Dean, who is designing the beer that the OPH will eventually brew. Tasting was offered and accepted -delicious! We ate lunch with Ryan at an old elementary school that was converted into a restaurant, hotel, and community space. It was extremely impressive. I want one.

On Tuesday we went back to the OPH to shoot some construction and other shots. We spent the rest of the day working and exploring Portland. We ate at this fantastic place that makes grilled cheese and has an old school bus for seating - reminded us of home…

Wednesday saw us waking up at the crack of dawn to get on the road to avoid the Portland morning rush hour. We were headed to Tacoma to do a story on Rodney Raccoon - an awesome project by Jerome 'JD' Davis that aims to help educate children through hip hop music. We were only able to be there a short time as we had to continue onto our campground in Everett, north of Seattle. We got in late afternoon, completely exhausted.

We worked most of Thursday in a little coffee shop in Everett - the Vienna Coffee Company - very nice. It was German-themed and the coffee was pretty good. Friday saw us in another coffee shop, but this time they were our story as well! It was the Q Cafe - a non-profit coffee shop in Seattle. They provide a great community space for their neighborhood and also serve as an example for other nonprofit cafes to follow. Brian and everyone at the cafe were really awesome, and their coffee was some of the best we'd tasted! Amy Rose left us to hang out with her aunt and cousin who were in town from Alaska.

Saturday we headed back to finish up shooting the Q Cafe and then headed over to South Seattle to shoot the first part of another story, Flash Volunteer - more on that next week. The rest of the day, we spent exploring Seattle and working. It was a long week, and on Sunday, I let everyone sleep in. A little.