Old news, still news

Massachusetts / Nov. 28, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Old news, still news

So I'm starting to run out of social platforms I want to try - I'm sure one is out now that I'll want to try tomorrow and I've got a couple posts lined up about things we've tried, but first! I'd like to call attention to a somewhat recent addition to the Bus 52 online presence.

The landing page!

Robert had the idea and executed with Ben, who honestly in my mind is the one who solves all my technical problems this year (honestly, how many things can I break?). But it's beautiful! It features our video playlist, has a map in the background, and best of all? Social Media Buttons!

Oh the buttons! And they are so cute, and you all know how much I love cute things. And they direct you to our different pages - and I just wanted to point out that there are  quite a few buttons! And that you should navigate back to that page here, and make sure you're up to speed. 

Also, we've got some Findery invites and Pinterest invites if you're wanting in on those networks. I can hook you up.