Ohio! Kenyon! West Virginia!

West Virginia / Oct. 14, 2012 / by Gelb
Ohio! Kenyon! West Virginia!

This week, we're continuing our trek eastward, taking in Ohio and a bit of West Virginia in the meantime. We started our week in Columbus and are finishing it just outside of Charleston, West Virginia. We covered two stories this week - both incredibly innovative and very different from one another.

Saturday was a very busy day, moving through Toledo and then into our campground outside of Columbus. Sunday was therefore a bit more relaxed. We were at a campground with fantastic internet, the Berkshire Lake Campground - so life was pretty easy. A couple of us ventured out to a nearby Starbucks and we slowly got on with work.

Monday was another work day. We're starting to plan our final weeks on the bus, and so want to make sure everything is efficiently thought out.

On Tuesday, we headed out to the Safari Golf Club near the Columbus Zoo to spend some time with the great folks at Fore Hope - a fantastic organization that provides golf lessons and outings for people who are recovering from physical and emotional events. It was so great to see people who might have thought they were finished playing sports after a stroke, pick up a set of clubs and head out on a round. The work Fore Hope does is simple in scope, but high in reward. It was great to see. Chris left us to head up to Kenyon for the night - us being in the area offered him a great chance to catch up with friends. Chris is quite the fan of Kenyon, and has been hyping it up all year. The next day, we were to witness firsthand whether it lived up to all of the hype!

Wednesday, Steven, the Amys, and I drove out to Kenyon and got the full tour from a very tired but excited Chris. As none of us had attended a 'small liberal arts college', it was a very interesting experience. As Steven remarked (almost begrudgingly), "It lived up to the hype". 

My favorite part was the hot dogs for 75¢. You can't go wrong with a place where that is possible.

We left Kenyon in the late afternoon and made our way back to the campground. We got an early night as Thursday was going to be a bit of a long day.

Thursday morning we shed a tear when saying goodbye to the campground with amazing WiFi, and headed off to Wheeling, West Virginia. Perhaps a poetic setting, the large town played host to the Dancing Wheels Dance Company - a dance company that includes people 'with all abilities'. The company features some dancers that are in wheel chairs. Mary, the company's founder was always involved with dance, and didn't let her disability stand in the way of her wanting to dance. The result is a truly remarkable visual feast of dancing. I think you're going to really be inspired with this story.

After leaving the wheeling dancers in Wheeling, we started our drive to our campground in Romance, WV, just outside of Charleston. We got in late, and pretty quickly were falling asleep.

We awoke on Friday and, instead of letting everyone lie in, we got moving again. While a beautiful setting, the campground had no working internet and all of our mobile devices had little to no signal. Unfortunately, we had to find another campground, as work needed doing, and internet in one form or another, is the only way it could be done. We drove about an hour to our current campground which is one of the best we've stayed in (more on it next week).

Friday afternoon and Saturday were spent working away. This coming week, we are looking forward to producing at least two stories and making our way through western Pennsylvania and into New York.