Off The Beaten Path

Nevada / May 28, 2012 / by Amy
Off The Beaten Path

As I said in one of my previous blog posts, we visited a book shop called Off The Beaten Path for one of our stories. It’s in one of the side streets in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and is most definitely one of my favorite ever bookshops. 

I know that a lot of bookshops make my list of great bookshops that I enjoyed spending time in, and often, they’re ones that I’d love to go back to, but there are those that make it onto my list of ones that I would gladly live in. And this is one of those. 

Off The Beaten Path is a small bookshop but what it lacks for in space, it certainly doesn’t lack in character, friendliness and overall amazingness. And it even has its own coffee shop where you can buy all the necessary drinks and tasty food items. 

When you go in, there’s a small seating area to the left with tables and chairs for those who want to sit and enjoy their coffee and tea. To the right, there’s the counter where the very friendly staff sit ready to answer your questions and let you pay for the huge pile of books you will inevitably wish to purchase. 

At the entrance, you are also greeted by a table of books, all laid out ready to catch your eye, which is exactly what they do. 

There’s a great children’s section at the back of the shop, hidden behind bookshelves. It makes it feel like a special section for the children to spend time and look at books, which is, in my opinion, what makes a great children’s area.

I used to always love sitting in one the floor, completely surrounded on all sides by books that would fill the shelves way above my head. Off The Beaten Path most definitely fulfilled both my adult and child’s bookshop needs.  

The shop itself is, as I said, not huge but it is packed with books. It doesn’t feel overcrowded but it certainly gives you that cozy ‘I’m completely surrounded by books’ feeling that I adore. 

There’s a small area with a sofa and armchair that is extremely handy for sitting while deciding which of the 20 books you want to buy, you will actually walk out with. It even has a small table that looks like a stack of giant books. 

There are the usual fiction, non-fiction, mystery and classics sections, and the shop is filled with small book-related gifts that are perfect for any book-lover. 

Upstairs, there’s a section for second-hand books where you can find cheaper and very gently-used books. 

I had a wonderful time perusing the shelves and, while I’ve managed to resist in other shops, I had to buy at least one book there. If we hadn’t had to drive on that day, I would have easily stayed there until they closed. 

As it was, the others had a difficult enough time dragging me out of the shop and I had to exert some serious self-control not to buy everything I wanted to. 

So, if ever you’re in Steamboat Springs, or even in Colorado, make sure you go straight to Off The Beaten Path and prepare to spend a wonderful day in a beautiful bookshop!