October Recap

October 2011 / Nov. 1, 2011 / by Gelb
October Recap

It has been a very busy October for us here at Bus 52. The biggest efforts have been regarding fund-raising, outreach, and recruitment. As we move into November, we now add another element: planning. Our strategy of story research and scheduling needs to start this next month, and we will as always endeavor to bring you all the news as we make it.

Stanley The Bus is currently in the shop undergoing some quite large repairs and modifications. The good folks at Jim Donnie RV Center in Glen Burnie, MD will have Stanley until the end of November, performing work on many of the systems to ensure our main asset is in perfect working order. This is a very expensive, but necessary set of modifications, and the folks at Jim Donnie have been fantastic to work with in finding innovative ways to perform a large amount of work in a way that saves us money.

In terms of fund-raising, we have had a pretty good month. We were very pleased to announce Stanley Black & Decker, who we have been speaking with for some time, as a National Partner for the project. We have also continued with our private fund-raising push and are posting the names of all donors on our new supporters page found here. While fundraising has developed, we are by no means fully funded, and this still remains the largest challenge to the project going forward. 

We have tried a few different things this month on the outreach front. Everything from handing out leaflets at the Metro, to speaking with newspapers and media groups has taken place, and hopefully we will start to see more engagement with community organizations moving forward into November. Just yesterday, we were featured in The Gazette, found here.

With recruitment, the quest to find our fourth person is proceeding extremely well. We have our final list down from many excellent applicants and are currently interviewing finalists. We hope to have the fourth person announced around November 15. While it will be extremely challenging to choose between the few remaining candidates, we feel very confident in knowing that whoever we do pick will be an excellent addition to our team.

Photo Credit: DrBacchus