North Dakota

North Dakota / Sept. 2, 2012 / by Amy Rose
North Dakota

I should really stop having expectations of the places we go, because all my preconceived notions about places are either supremely off or totally overwhelmed by the reality of the places we visit.

North Dakota is amazing. Really, I know I thought it would be nice too but it's so much more than nice. We drove into the state from Billings/Miles City straight into the Badlands. And the Badlands? Wow. Just wow, it's hard to describe the terrain because it's not like anything I've ever seen before - it's almost unearthly.

We got to spend a few days on farms, which I loved. Farmers are by far some of my favorite people in the world. Every farmer we've met has been strong, proud, and warm. The work they do is hard and important, and it's amazing for this city girl to see what goes into the food we eat.

Click on over to my photo album of North Dakota to see us in action.