Non-Profit Goggles

Florida / Feb. 9, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Non-Profit Goggles

Much like beer goggles make everyone look better, doing a project based on the goodness of people makes man on the whole seem pretty amazing.

The people I've met on my journey have been, not surprisingly, some of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Each and every one of them has committed to going above and beyond for their community - it's really moving.

But what I've found to be the most touching part about the whole experience, is the people we meet are people I know. People I could imagine meeting on the street, people who I could someday be. These people are no smarter, have no more money, and have no more time then the rest of us. I'm not trying to say they aren't smart or talented, but what I've realized is we all have time for something we love.

Whether it's giving physical strength, creativity, energy, or some spare change - it all makes a difference. All the little things add up to something big and life changing. It's something that's within us all, the ability to give.

Here on Bus 52 we're giving ourselves, a year of our lives, and our naïveté to share with you some people doing inspiring, life changing work. But what I'm coming to realize is that they are everyone.

The non-profit world is full of people giving themselves to something they love, and that's something we all can do.