New Sponsor: WiTopia

Wisconsin / Sept. 19, 2012 / by Gelb
New Sponsor: WiTopia

One thing about campgrounds that we have found on our travels is to never take the term 'Free WiFi' to ever mean actual, workable wifi. Most of our days are spent in places like Panera Bread and Starbucks when we actually need to get work done. 

The thing is, when you are connecting to so many different connections, you really don't know anything about the connection you are on. It could be insecure, there could be other people monitoring, someone could actually be in the process of searching through your files and watching you enter your passwords and you would never know. 

Luckily, there are services out there that provide VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. We are very happy to announce that a US-based VPN, and one of the highest regarded services, WiTopia, has come on board as a sponsor for Bus 52. They are providing us with VPN accounts to ensure maximum protection while we are on the road. If you would like to find out more about WiTopia, please visit their site here.

WiTopia is working like a charm so far - the whole team uses it. It's simple, secure and easy to set up. What more could you ask for?