New Sponsor: Podio

September 2011 / Sept. 30, 2011 / by Gelb
New Sponsor: Podio

I'm very pleased to announce that Podio has come on board as a sponsor for Bus 52. If you don't already know about Podio, please check them out here:

Podio is an extremely efficient, extremely powerful group productivity suite of applications all managed online. For a project like Bus 52, the need could not be greater for a solution to the everyday things that need to happen to make the project a success.

With Podio, we will be able to centralize research for stories, make sure everyone's contact details are correct, assign tasks, manage blogging schedules and effectively working with sponsors.

The magic of Podio is not just in what it does, but in how it does it. We are a project that is constantly on the move. We need something that is extremely easy to understand, fast to load, and customizable to our needs. Podio works by having 'apps' where you can customize fields and inputs, and (most importantly) take out ones you don't need. You can then assign different people responsibilities from a streamlined menu as well as see how well your doing in accomplishing whatever goal you set out initially.

Podio is a great piece of software. We're really excited to get to be using it, and you should definitely check it out for anything from business organization, project organization, group collaboration (if you are a student group that need to collaborate - works great for group assignments!), to people management.