New Sponsor: HootSuite

Louisiana / March 6, 2012 / by Amy
New Sponsor: HootSuite

For those of you who are well-versed in the world of social media, you will very well know what HootSuite is. For those of you who haven’t yet embraced social media with open arms (don’t worry, I forgive you), HootSuite is, to put it as succinctly as possible, a “social media dashboard”. In other words, it is a fantastic service that offers an array of tools and tips to make your social media usage everything it could ever be. 

HootSuite has very kindly given us a Pro account that means that our whole team, including our producer, Elivia, and our intern coordinator, Naomi, can access our Bus 52 Twitter account. This also means that we can access analytics about our tweets, thanks to HootSuite’s link abbreviation,, and and schedule tweets in bulk. 

Scheduling tweets might sound like cheating but it is extremely useful to us, especially when we’re on the move. It means that we can make sure people know when our newest posts and videos are going up, even if we’re unable to get onto the internet. It also means that we can stay in touch with people in other time zones. Much as staying up until 3am might sound like a good idea, it won’t do us any good to cut down on beauty sleep. HootSuite allows us to let our followers who aren’t in the US know what new posts we have up as soon as they wake up. 

HootSuite also allows us to post to our Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn accounts, all from within either the browser app or the iPad and iPhone apps. So we can be extremely productive whenever we need to be. 

We’re all very happy to have HootSuite as a sponsor and we’re very excited to keep learning about all the cool things we can do with it.