Nebraska / Sept. 12, 2012 / by Amy Rose

I didn't know much about Nebraska prior to our arrival, except that Concordia Nebraska was there. I don't even know much about that school beyond the fact that they have a golf team.

But Nebraska was nice, it seems like it was ages ago we were there! Time I starting to get really crazy on this bus. This is why people keep journals, right?

Well I know that in Nebraska we filmed a couple stories, one on TeamMates. It was a fun story to shoot, they were very accommodating and it should turn out pretty nice. It was our first without Steven so we were all figuring out what we were doing. We got to take a visit to the Huskers stadium and meet the Osborne family, who were lovely.

Later that week we shot NEHI, an organization that helps families and individuals buy homes. I don't know if you've all heard, but all we do when we have cable is watch HGTV. This story helped meet our house fix, I think we all miss a few things about the non-mobile lifestyle.

Didn't manage to snap many photos, and I don't have any good excuses. Woops! Check them out anyways